Friday, August 29

Blog Award

Upon my return from vacation, I was pleasantly surprised to find out, that I had been given a Blog Award, from a fellow artist whose artwork & blog I admire, Lisa Lectura (ll*creations). Thank you Lisa!

Lisa is an extremely talented artist who creates gorgeous works of art, one of which, I am honored to own. I hope she doesn't mind my posting this, but I just wanted to show off one of her beautiful paintings - "Soar". You can see more of her creations on her blog (Look for ll*creations under my Art Blogs list)


  1. Hi Erica! You so deserve this award! I do really love your blog! And of course I don't mind you showing my art! I'm so honored to be a part of your collection!


    Lisa :)

  2. Congratulations Erica! I agree, I love your blog!
    La Donna