Friday, June 26

More Steampunk....

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Steampunk Mixed-Media Altered Art Doll Assemblage

Approx. 13-1/2" tall

I created this piece using an unfinished miniature armoire/cabinet for the "body", which was stained, distressed and embellished with antique finish brass hardware.

The base is a wooden candlestick which was sanded, distressed and painted to look like old metal pipe fixtures.

The head was created with black Apoxie Sculpt and I purposely kept the facial features to a minimum because I didn't want it to look too human. The goggles were handmade using snaps and small rings which was fitted with copper/green iridescent film and filled with resin.

The inside features an antique thermometer. In the center is a vintage watch mechanism (with jewel bearings intact) and additional embellishments: garnet red crystal and clear acrylic gem cabochon. The background is a hand-stamped image of a ribcage on distressed paper.

The wings are wood which was painted to look like antique brass. Hinges were added and the wings can be moved for a variety of display options.

The back of the head features another vintage watch mechanism, and the back of the box displays part of a page from a vintage steam engine book which was distressed and embellished with brass tag corners & various gears.

Friday, June 19


Yup, I have officially been steampunk'd...

I'll admit that it wasn't until about a year and a half ago, that I had actually first heard of the term "steampunk", but the more I learned about it, the more I realized that it was a perfect genre to incorporate into my art. I had started a few steampunk pieces a few months ago, before my creative hiatus, and this is the first completed one. I will be listing it on eBay this weekend.

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Mixed-Media Beeswax Collage
20" x 8"

Created with antique book pages, rubber stamps, distress inks, acrylic paints, chipboard, pigment powders, metal corner embellishments, gems and beeswax on MDF.

Tuesday, June 2

Finally... back in the studio

Well I am finally back! Not that I really went anywhere, I just really didn't have the time to post or create anything new. I am still trying to clean up the studio a bit so I can "find" where I left off. I have a few projects that got abandoned a few months ago and I am just itching to get them finished. As soon as I get my bearings, I'll post some pictures...