Friday, April 16

Steampunk'd Halloween Queen & The Castle Bootique

I am fortunate be a part of a wonderful group of talented Halloween artists and we are known as the "Artistic Halloween Queens". The group recently had a "Steampunk Halloween" challenge and I just couldn't resist taking part in it.  

"Steampunk'd Halloween Queen"

It's not too early to get your gears spinning for Halloween!

This unique Halloween Queen was made from layers of real copper sheet which had been chemically etched & patina-ted for beautiful depth and color. The metal has been sealed with gloss lacquer to prevent further oxidation. The background collage was created with a variety of images and surrounds the inside walls of the 6" x 8" shadowbox frame.

Although this queen has a new home, there is plenty of more Halloween art still available at the Halloween Queen's Bootique. If you haven't visited in a while, be sure to visit to check out the new updates which have been added recently.


  1. Gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Oh I really love this piece...just realized that's pretty much what Melissa said!! Really nice work!