Friday, January 9

Lisa's 100th Blog Post Giveaway

I am excited to tell you that Lisa Lectura (ll*creations) is celebrating the New Year with her 100th blog post and she is having a fabulous giveaway contest. Lisa is an incredibly talented person who creates beautiful works of art. I am a very proud owner of a few of her works and I am always amazed each time I look at her creations, which are also beautifully made. Be sure to stop by her awesome blog for your chance to win one of her gorgeous works!
(Click here for direct link to her blog)


  1. Hi Erica! Thanks for sharing my giveaway on your lovely blog! I will make sure to add your 2nd entry. Happy New Year! Lisa :)

  2. Hi Erica, I finally got around to making a blog site and I was checking others and found yours. Beautiful work. Still love that moon face the best!

  3. WOW x's a million!! LOVE your art!!! Just found you through my blog followers and their's (you know how blogland is...when you love someone's art,you just have to see who they follow).